Dr Sharma is very logical and has deep understanding of Diabetes. My medication was reduced by half and I am working towards to get rid of it 100% I would recommend Dr Sumit Sharma. He is the master in his specialism

Finance Consultant
Moved from diabetic to prediabetic range, reduced inflammation and other markers. He has provided several tools and methods in order to change my lifestyle in a way that works for me, rather than impose a standard solution. Very happy, Dr Sharma went above and beyond what I expected, which also made me more motivated.
Vice President
I find Dr Sharma focuses on the well-being aspect with his treatments and I find this to be beneficial in the long term. Dr Sharma has helped significantly reduce my blood pressure and following his advise I have also become more active and have lost weight. I am more healthy overall.
Software Engineer
Amazing support from Dr Sharma. Dr Sharma has been incredibly supportive through a difficult period for me, he has given great advice and I feel very comfortable with him, I would highly recommend him!
Office Admin
"Dr Sumit Sharma is very detailed and thorough in his approach to the patient. He explains things clearly and effectively finds solutions to mental health problems."
Social Worker