Practice Management

What’s next? CQC/Pensions/IR35/ payroll twice a year.

The area evolves every day but the good news it gets simpler day by day. Thanks to the technology and the free information on Internet/Leaflets and practice management courses/ online resources.

But is it that simple for the thousands of managers? Our research suggested that information is freely available thanks to Google, leaflets, newsletters but the actual implementation is a challenge.

That is the difference between good and not so good practices. The outcome measures are patient satisfaction, job satisfaction for staff and variable income and time.

We are unique in offering hands-on implementation advice.

Outcome guaranteed – Happy patients and staff and more time and money.

We offer two packages

(1) Practice management – support to your Practice Manager throughout the year with advice on implementation to maximise profits, improve happiness index of the staff and the patients. This includes systems management, Care Quality Commission, workforce recruitment and development and financial management. In a nutshell, you work through an operation manual specifically designed for your practice where each step and the desired outcome is measured.

(2) Virtual Practice management – You hand over the management of your practice to us saving you thousands as we replace your training manager.

Please contact us to discuss your personal needs.