What I stand for

I am Dr. Sumit Sharma, a health tech innovator and entrepreneur specialist in mental health and musculoskeletal medicine. I believe we are on this planet to connect, inspire others and support them in achieving their goals. I wake every morning to motivate others achieve their goals, so they lead more fulfilling lives and create a world free of suffering. I envisage a society whereby people can trust and care for each other.

Connecting with people is the most critical part of my life journey. I am a part of a highly motivated and inspired entrepreneurial community. These vital connections with people have helped me to explore my unleashed potential and consciousness. The very idea of being able to tap into my own higher levels of awareness enabled me to positively impact the mindset of thousands of people I met and inspired.

I firmly believe that the mind would win over medicine any day of the week and creates magic in everyday life.

I am a health tech innovator and entrepreneur deeply inspired to transform future healthcare simple, accessible to all and delivering with predictability. Happy GP leads the way to achieve that vision supporting the NHS.

My mission is to impact the healthcare of 10 million people by 2022 positively.

Giving back to our society is part of leading a fulfilling life as a human being. Brockhurst Medical Centre, Shining Kidzz and working with children are means to create a better and happier society.

Dr Sumit Sharma