General Practice

My vision is to offer our unique model to General Practices so that they can achieve stability and financial freedom.


Brockhurst Medical Centre

Our model has been developed following the “bottom-up” approach and has gone through rigorous testing and evaluation at the Brockhurst Medical Centre. It has achieved outstanding results in the form of renewed resilience, a significantly enhanced workforce and subsequent awards.

It is primarily aimed at medium to small practices helping them to achieve financial freedom and resilience. We believe uniqueness, continuity of care and ability to connect with the patients at these practices are the core values of general practice.

The eventual outcome would lead to stronger healthcare and a healthier society.

ONE Desire, Different Methods and Different Outcomes

We all desire to provide excellent patient care. We do different things in thousands of various practices hoping for the same outcome, i.e. excellent patient care and run a small business.

The outcome depends upon many variable factors including human resource and individual personalities. Hence the variable success.

Same mistakes are repeated thousands of times that leads to loss of earnings and in some cases practice closures.

ONE Desire, ONE Method and ONE Outcome

I strongly believe all the GP’s provide excellent patient care in their practices. They do something exceptional, and the practices have every right to be the successful business. They can avoid the costly mistakes.

My vision was to improvise and evolve framework one desire with one method and one outcome like any big business does.

If you feel you would like to benefit from this framework, please write to me I look forward to hearing from you.