In a nutshell, I believe in dreams and I follow my heart. Life is a fairy tale, and I live it on my terms. Some say I am crazy. And yes, perhaps I am, but crazy about success, crazy about those around me.

I get a buzz when people around me achieve their goals, whether they are my family, customers, patients, staff or friends. I empower them, cheer them on and love them. For me, it’s all about people. And it’s this that gets me up every morning, living my dream to help others lead inspiring, meaningful, highly successful lives so that they, in turn, inspire those around them to do the same.

In a business context, I am out there, which means I never hesitate to speak my mind. I don’t take the easy option, but I do what is right – right for my people, my team. I believe in giving back to society, and I think that by giving and doing what you love you will be rewarded abundantly.

I do what I love – whether it’s striving to hone my six-pack at the gym or creating the award-winning Medical Centre. If you share these values of empowering others in all they do and are passionate about your success, then I look forward to hearing from you.

Let’s inspire each other